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  • Sound is like tea.

    Tea is a blend of scents, flavors, cultures.

    Sound is a blend of experiences, vibrations and emotions.

    Hear Grey is a blend of musicians, producers, sound-designers who decided to join their skills to forge creative solutions at the service of Cinema, TV/Web Series, Video-Games, Commercials, Teasers, Theatre and Visual Arts.

    The purpose and essence of Hear Grey is to offer a wide range of audio infusions tailored for taste.

    Luca “Ritmotre” Selvaggio

    musician / music programmer / sound-designer

    His day doesn’t begin without an update from the latest blogs of the industry and a browse of the ultimate audio libraries. Faithful to his “ brassy” friend and to his coloured controllers, he loves details and hates compromise. He’s not a fan of sugar or sweeteners, let alone decaf blends.

    Sweet Memories
    Spring Is A Breath
    Too Far Gone

    Nico Dalla Vecchia

    composer / producer / arranger

    Imaginary inhabitant of some cold Scandinavian woods, he loves to spend entire days with his trusty music scrolls. Few things are capable of warming him, such as a cup of blackish Earl Gray or the woodish sound of a cello.


    Tommaso Ermolli

    songwriter / synthestrator / guitarist

    Brought up as a guitarist, tea marks his days, from breakfast to the evening film, let alone countless hours in the studio. A nature lover, he’s conflictingly charmed by the big smoke. Sweets are his weakness. His aunt’s tiramisù is the bomb.

    A Walk Into The West
    Profumo feat Tina Guo
    Razors of Light



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